Local authority

Home to school transport provided by a local authority

Home to school transport is provided for pupils that meet the criteria entitlement for free travel. This will normally be dependent upon the age of the pupil, the distance between the home to the school gate and whether a child has special educational requirements.  In some  instances, concessionary travel may be available if there are spare seats.  There may be a charge for a concessionary place. 

Other criteria that must be considered by an authority when determining if  transport will be provided includes:

  • Special medical grounds.
  • Walking routes that are deemed to be on ‘dangerous ground’.
  • Where two siblings attend different schools and a parent cannot be in two places at once.

If a child has been refused free home to school travel and a parent believes they should be entitled to it, or just want clarification on any of the points  on this page, please contact BUSK directly.