Bullied on the Journey to School

If you experience bullying on the journey to and from school, you can get help. You can contact BUSK or ask an adult to contact us on your behalf.  Our telephone number is 01495 981185 or you can email us at buskuk@btinternet.com.

If you contact us it will be the first step to sorting out the problem and getting you the support you need.  We are here to help.  Don't suffer in silence. You can also show this page to your parents, carers or someone you trust.

Legally, pupils are entitled to travel on a bus or coach without fear or stress of being bullied or threatened in any way. It is an offence to make any passenger feel or believe their safety is compromised in any respect.  If a school or local authority do not act quickly, then they could be failing to discharge a legal duty of care. This is not acceptable. A school or authority must have a bullying policy that is effective  to prevent bullying.  

You need to remember that it is not your fault. Develop a system or plan to help manage the journey - this is where your family can help and if they are unsure what to do, tell them they can contact BUSK.  It is always  a great idea to make notes of times, dates, names of anyone  involved in any incidents. If you are able to secure witnesses then that will help when building your case to ensure the local authority and/or school act.  You can also inform the police, make an official complaint and get a log number.  Above all else, make sure you keep an open dialog with your family and take all the advice that is on offer from BUSK and anti- bully organisations. Our services are free. We are here to help.

To contact BUSK, use the contact form on this website , email at buskuk@btinternet.com or call 01495 981185.