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Safety Training

Best practice would dictate that all schools provide emergency training for the new intake of pupils at the start of each school year. It is without doubt, that every school where BUSK has delivered safety training to pupils and staff, a real difference has been made in changing the attitudes of everyone participating, surrounding their personal safety and  the group’s safety. At the very least, some safety training prior to a long haul trip is sensible and a good operator that you booked with would almost certainly be willing to help in this respect.

It is key to understand the driver’s role, how to support them, why safety belts should not only be worn, but are worn correctly.  The value in terms of improving the safety of the party is crucial and teachers that have undergone training with BUSK will be very clear about the emergency procedures that need to be in place, especially the need for adults to sit by all exits and to be sitting throughout the coach so they can monitor pupils.  Teachers on school trips must supervise pupils. The teachers are not on holiday. They are on duty. Teachers  have a legal duty of care to ensure the driver is not distracted by the behaviour of anyone on board. They are unable to meet this duty of care if they are all sitting at the front.