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Adventure  activity camping sites abroad

Quite a few schools take pupils to camping sites. Great for the students but not so great for coach drivers who are sometimes handed a tent and told that is  their accommodation for the week. Drivers are not on holiday. They are working and need somewhere quiet and comfortable to sleep. They need a hotel or B & B. At some camping sites BUSK has been made aware by many a driver of the reality of them having to sleep in a tent or caravan for a week or more. The noise from children is just too much for drivers that are expected to sleep on the same site. The children cannot be expected to be quiet, they are on holiday and are excited. For drivers the noise cannot be kept out of a tent. The facilities they are offered are often dire and not conducive to a driver being refreshed each time they sit behind the wheel of their coach to drive. BUSK has even heard of some drivers having to share shower blocks and toilets with students compromising them and the students. All of these points should be addressed when booking with a tour company.