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Toolkit for Schools

There are so many things to remember when it comes to home to school transport or hiring in coaches for school trips. BUSK has tried to make this a simple matter by providing our very own ‘Toolkit’. A lot of our resources and advice is free.

We can help with a range of policy documents  including…

  • Assisting in producing a contract schools can use when providing transport for home to school or organising school trips so parents and carers are clear about their responsibilities, especially when it comes to ensure their child understands the safety rules.
  • Understanding what a transport and safety belt policy needs to be so it details how seat belt wearing will be enforced and monitored for compliance. These types of documents are important because they help to focus on clear procedures  that help to improve the safety of everyone. They also ensure that all staff members understand seat belt law.
  • What written risk assessments for movement of traffic inside the school grounds needs to look at and understand that legally, all pupils must be sent through the school gate each day, safely on their journey home whether a pupil is cycling, walking or travelling by road transport.

Schools that already have a transport policy and/or seat belt policy should take time once a year to review this and to make sure that the document is up to date and always readily available to all staff that are involved in taking pupils on school trips and/or supervise children boarding or alighting home to school transport. The document should also be available for parents, carers and transport providers.  BUSK is always happy to assist in any reviewing processes upon request.

BUSK is the organisation to come to if you need to know about anything about seat belt legislation. It is after all, down to BUSK that minibuses and coaches are now required in law, to be fitted with safety belts. If teachers are not completely confident on how to ensure the belts for the children you transport, are the correct ones that fit properly and offer the fullest protection just contact us.  Schools need to understand that it is not a case of any belt will do. Although seat belt laws will state that a minimum of a two point lap belt can be used in minibuses and coaches when transporting children, all schools have a duty of care to ensure the safety belt they use for each child fits that child and therefore the duty of care laws need to be adhered. For example, if a three point belt did not fit a child properly and a teacher placed the diagonal section of the belt behind the child’s back, that is not only illegal but worryingly, it is extremely dangerous and could cause life threatening injuries to the child during a crash.  Care too must be exercised when transporting younger children under the age of 8 years. BUSK would never recommend using a lap belt on a younger child because the risk to them is just far too great in terms of permanent life changing injuries. To understand these risks better contact us to request a free copy of our DVD called Seat Belts…Why Bother? We will be more than happy to forward a copy of this resource. Email us at

This is why, above all else, BUSK provides all safety advice about seat belt legislation, seat belt wearing and how to get it right, completely free of charge.