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There are many benefits open to a school when they become BUSK members. Membership is completely free. Alternatively, a school may prefer to just register with BUSK to access our free information and advice services on all matters related to making transport arrangements and how best to meet the legal obligations all schools in the UK have when they transport students.

BUSK membership is a valuable status for schools to hold if they wish to demonstrate to parents how seriously they take pupil and teacher safety when it comes to organising school trips. It can be difficult for parents to measure the safety standards without any method of approval from an independent organisation with relevant expertise in this field. BUSK is able to provide excellent professional advice to schools along with certification that can be used on a school's website, displayed in reception areas of the school and in marketing material.

BUSK members can expect to…

  • Make use of the BUSK logo on marketing material and on the school website.
  • Be entered into a free prize draw every school term with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for winning schools.
  • Free reviews of existing policy documents such as a Transport and/or Safety Belt Policy and other legally required documents that all schools should have in place.
  • Receive tips on how to check a transport operator's background compliance history.
  • Receive a BUSK certificate for use on the school website and to display in the school reception. Parents with decisions to make on which school to send their child to can rest assured when they understand the school is a BUSK member and what this means in terms of safety for their child.
  • Learn about our latest road safety campaigns and any competitions being run each year.
  • Benefit from 20% discounted rates when booking a place on one of our safety conferences or training courses.
  • Benefit from a discounted rate if using our bespoke CPC driver training for those schools that hold an O license.
  • Receive one newsletter per school term.

Schools that would prefer to just register with BUSK will be able to access all our free services and will also be entered into a free prize draw every school term. Registered schools will also receive one newsletter per school term.

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To find out more about registering with BUSK or becoming a member call us on 01495 981185 or email