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Activity Centres Directory

To search for an activity centre for your next school trip, click on the Google map above and zoom in to select a red flag in the area you would like to visit. Please be aware, this section of our website is still under construction but over the coming months we hope to have more centres listed so please keep revisiting.

Alternatively, click on a region on the green map to the right of this text for a list of centres. Choose from indoor and outdoor activities, water sports, rides, crafts, walks and much more. Many centres cater for children and adults with disabilities and if residential accommodation is required, check this out when visiting a centre’s profile page. Our easy to view icons quickly present the facilities on offer.

For teachers and group leaders looking for somewhere with classrooms for pupils or a teacher’s training course, you will find many centres incorporate these facilities. Some even provide training for teachers so they can be properly skilled and suitably confident when taking a group of pupils on an outdoor pursuit.

Don’t forget, once you have booked your trip, view our Benchmark members page to organise your transport to get you there! Benchmark members are back ground checked for legal and safety compliance. Just click here.

Activity centres interested in a free listing should contact us directly on 01495 981185 or email