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Protecting Drivers & Pupils on the School Run

Protecting Drivers & Pupils on the School Run - JAUPT approved 7 hour course 
In memory of Ben Vodden
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Aims and Objectives  
Those attending this course will be better informed and more able to fulfil the duties of care necessary to protect themselves and to promote the welfare of the children carried on “The School Run”.                                                                                                                                       
The course aims to give those participating to:   
1.  Have an understanding of the scale and gravity of this subject matter and of it’s potential consequences   
2.  Be able to recognise some signs and symptoms relating to when a child or young person may be at risk from bullying or abuse and to understand that the bullying and/or abuse is not necessarily taking place during the journey. 
3.  Have a better all-round understanding of the different types of bullying and abuse.   
4.  Clearly understand how they have an central role in ensuring that any concerns they have, no matter how insignificant they are felt to be, must be reported to the relevant body or person so it can be recorded and how this works together with any other reports from teachers, parents, pupils etc.   
5.   Have the personal confidence to report their concerns appropriately.   
6.   Have an understanding of how to take simple measures to protect themselves against the risk of bullying, abuse or unwanted postings to social media sites.   
7.   Understand some of the risks associated with conflict management and the importance of remaining calm and professional in challenging circumstances on the school journey.   
8.   Understand the important principle that “doing nothing” when concerns relating to child welfare are evident is not an option for a responsible driver. 

Protecting Drivers & Pupils on the School run

Whilst there is an inevitable commonality in various areas of subject matter, this course is NOT designed, suitable or intended for use as a Safeguarding course.   There are numerous and specific Safeguarding responsibilities placed upon professionals working with children both within independent organisations and as professionals working together and sharing information. There is specific and detailed training required in these areas and this course is not intended to form any part of that requirement.   The course recognises that keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility.   This course offers guidance to drivers, bus companies, schools and parents to ensure a policy and practice is provided; part of which requires and enables drivers to recognise potential welfare issues and to have appropriate, suitable and sufficient means by which they can immediately report and record any concerns.   In the event the driver reports concerns to a named person within their company, there is an expectation that there will be an immediate written record made of the detail and nature of the concerns and those details will be immediately forwarded to a named person within the school. The matter will then be dealt with in accordance with the schools formal safeguarding policies and appropriate feedback will be provided to the driver. It must be recognised that, in some circumstances, it is possible that action taken by drivers as a result of the guidance contained within this course could ultimately contribute to the Safeguarding process.   

For the purposes of this course, a child is regarded as anyone under the age of 18 years.

'Kidscape fully supports training delivered by BUSK to protect drivers and pupils on the school run.  This is a vital area of child safety that is often neglected, and this is unique training for bus drivers who are often the sole adult responsible for many young lives on the journey to and from school. Anyone who cares for the welfare of children should want to see drivers adequately trained in ensuring the protection of children in their care.  Kidscape has worked with BUSK on the development of the course and would like to this see this training made available to all drivers.'

Lauren Seager-Smith, Chief Executive Officer