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How safe is it outside your school gate?

What is it like outside your school gate each morning when everyone turns up for school and again in the afternoons when everyone leaves to go home? 

Are  vehicles parked on double yellow lines inside or outside the school or even parked on the zig-zags where you are meant to be able to cross safely? 

Does your school bus driver have difficulty getting into the school grounds because of other vehicles parked dangerously or, there are just too many vehicles inside the school? 

If you are concerned about safety you can ask an adult to contact BUSK and we can work together with the necessary people to change the situation.  And if you ever think you might like to champion safety at the school gate, ask your school if they would be willing to work with BUSK to campaign effectively to highlight the problem. Its a often a great idea if pupils decide to run a safety campaign because the adults causing the problem are usually parents not parking safely. From our experience, we know if parents are faced with a pupil led campaign to make it safer at the school gate, they will listen and act.  For more information  if you want to consider a campaign, contact BUSK.