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There are many benefits open to a school that is registered with BUSK. These include:

How to register:

Simply email or telephone us and make a request.   Our freindly team are waiting to hear from you! 

Why not become BUSK certifified?  It is a free service but a valued one for any school to have

Registered schools can also apply to become BUSK certified. To gain certification a school would be required to meet a BUSK standard to evidence:

BUSK provides a certificate that wil explain the safety standard the school has met. This can be used for display purposes and on a school's website. We know this will be welcomed by parents and carers quite simply because of the calls BUSK receives from them about safety concerns for their child on a school trip either in the UK or abroad.  In many cases parents and carers will give the necessary permission for the school to take their child on the trip but often,  families  are also concerned about not making their child feel different if they go into school to ask questions or they withdraw them from a planned trip.  A lot of parents and carers worry a school may feel challenged if they raise any issues.  BUSK certification would meet the needs of parents and benefit the school in the knowledge that as a certified member of BUSK, it could also access information and advice directly from us at any time.