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Home to School Transport

COVID-19  Does your school need masks?

3-ply masks are available through BUSK at a speical rate for schools and are distributed directly to schools by Alcolock UK. 

Rates: 1 box of 50 masks costs £47.50 ( £0.95 each).Two or more boxes costs £44.50 (£0.89 each) plus VAT & P & P.

If you wish to purchase masks please contact Richard Thomas at: rwthomas@alcolock.co.uk or call him on 07891667047

A school that provides home to school transport will have the same legal obligations as that of a local authority or library  board.  The school will be required to provide a safe journey and look at whether the transport contracted is suitable for the students that will be using it.  

Routes need to be assessed to ensure they are safe and it is essential to ensure pick up and drop off points are risk assessed.  School governors, management teams and head teachers need to be aware, that even if they are not responsible for contracting school transport they still have a legal duty of care to ensure all students leave through the school gate, safely on their journey home.  If for instance, a report comes to the school that students are misbehaving each day on the journey home on the school bus, a school could  not say that this is nothing to do with them as it is happening outside of the school gate.  The school, in law, must take steps to deal with this safety issue because not to, would mean the school is sending pupils home, knowing that their journey was not safe.  

For more information on this issue please contact us.

Written risk assessment
All schools are legally required to have a written risk assessment in place for transport movement inside the school grounds to cover vehicles belonging to:

The assessment should look at the safety of pedestrians, whether speed limits should be applied, if barriers are necessary to protect students and others, pick up and drop of points for school transport and ensuring that measures are taken so parents for example, are clear about where they can park and where they are not permitted to park. These are just examples for what needs to be included.  

The information in this section is designed to assist schools when making transport arrangements for home to school services, school trips in the UK and school visits abroad.   BUSK provides a free service for schools. Please call us for more information.