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What are Notices and Proceedings?

Notices & Proceedings are issued and record transport companies that are called to a Public Inquiries (PIs) by a Traffic Commissioner (TC).  If an operator is found to be operating with defective vehicles, poor record keeping or not complying with their Operators License, a TC has the power to revoke their license. 

For example, if a coach was stopped at a DVSA checkpoint and was found to have defective brakes, the operator would be given an immediate prohibition notice.  The vehicle would not be allowed to continue on its journey.  For serious breaches an operator can be called to a PI but it could be many months before they appear before the TC and during those months, the operator would still be able to continue to operate vehicles and carry passengers.  This is why it is so important to understand why schools should always try to find out if the operator that is transporting pupils and staff has been called to a PI.  It is equally important to understand that operators can also be called before a TC if they want to expand or decrease the size of their fleet and other issues, therefor, you also need to look at the outcome of a PI.  

Anyone can Google Notices & Proceedings and then type in the name of the transport company they want to check out.  For more information contact BUSK or visit this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/traffic-commissioner-notices-and-proceedings