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Home to school transport

Home to school transport provided by the local authority

Home to school transport is provided for pupils that meet the criteria entitlement for free travel. This will normally be dependent upon the age of the pupil, the distance between the home to the school and whether a child has special educational requirements.  In some instances concessionary travel may be available if there are spare seats.  You may have to pay all or part of the cost. You will need to check these things with your local authority. 

Other criteria that must be considered by an authority when determining if  transport will be provided includes:

If your child has been refused free home to school travel and you think they should be entitled to it, or, you want clarification on any of the points on this page, please contact us directly.  BUSK provides a free information and advice service for parents and carers.
Whilst a child is travelling on transport contracted and provided by the local authority, the authority is required in law to provide a 'safe journey'.  To establish what a safe journey is, the authority will need to assess the type of vehicles that should be used, if safety belts should be provided, the routes used and drop off and pick up points.  Local authorities have a duty of care to ensure pupil and driver safety on home to school transport they provide whether pupils pay for the service or not.

Schools that contract and provide home to school transport will also have the same legal duty of care for pupils and drivers.  For more information please contact us.

Parents organising their own home to school transport

If a parent pays for their child to travel on a service bus that also carries members of the public and stops at designated bus stops on route, then it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is capable of travelling on their own and that their child understands the safety rules that apply.  If a problem arises in this case, it should be taken up with the transport company.

If parents collectively organise dedicated school transport for their children, then BUSK’s simple guide is designed to help choose a company that can provide a service all parents are happy with and to give an understanding of some of the legalities of becoming a ‘transport provider’. Contact us for more information.