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Schools invited to register with BUSK

Wednesday March 04, 2020

Schools UK-wide can now register with BUSK to recieve up to date legal advice and services.  See this week's Route One article: https://www.route-one.net/issue-830/

Schools across the UK very often accept the cheapest of three quotes when searching for coach companies to hire for school trips. BUSK knows this from the many operators that it talks to on a regular basis. Some really good, reputable coach companies tell BUSK that schools will explain that they know they are great operators, safe and reliable but that they must chose the cheapest, even if it is as little as a £10 difference. What some schools fail to understand is that they should be booking the safest coach operator, not the cheapest just because they are cheap.

BUSK is fully aware that for many schools that are cash strapped, they are told to always chose the cheapest. "It would be interesting to know who is giving this damaging and incorrect advice," said BUSK's director Pat Harris. She continued, "For every school that insists on using the cheapest coach hire possible, no questions asked, there is a barrister just waiting for you in court if things go horribly wrong. Do you think the court would accpet that a school knew no better if children were killed on a school trip because it hired from a company that sent a defective coach resulting in brake failure?  Would a court accept that a school had discharged its legal duty of care by not looking at the history compliance of a company?  If the answer to both questions is 'no' then for any schools reading this, maybe they should check out the most up to date national guidance for schools when making transport arrangements for others. It can be found here: https://oeapng.info/outdoor-education-adviser/ "

Help is available from BUSK for free. Make the right choices because children rely upon adults to take care of them and parents bestow their trust in the school.