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Register your school

Thursday January 30, 2020

Schools can now register with BUSK for free and take full advantage of:

Once a school is registered with BUSK it can then apply to become a BUSK certified member with even more advantages for the school.  An educational establisment  with an effective transport policy in place, and generally, can evidence that it transports its pupils and staff safely,  can apply.  This is something parents and carers would welcome and could help reduce the amount of time spent having to deal with their concerns about the safety of their child on day trips and school visits abroad.

BUSK certified members can use this status on their website and in newsletters to familes. It is BUSK's experience, that this is an area of huge concern to parents and carers not just when a trip is being planned but when consideration is being given to enrolling a child at a new school.  

Our standards are high. Are yours?

For more information call 01495 981185 or email us at buskuk@btinternet.com