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National guidance updated for coach hire

Monday January 20, 2020

BUSK has pressed for updated guidance to reflect the issues it campaigns about for some time. At last, national guidance has been updated to include hiring coaches from operators that are accrediated and have independent audits carried out to ensure legal and safety compliance. BUSK Benchmark is one of the accreditors listed by EOAP! Visit link:

This is great because it is promoting the safety of children and teachers on school trips in the UK and abroad. In particular, BUSK is delighted that the guidance is advising schools and organisations to avoid overnight travel unless absolutely necessary even if it costs more.  Many school visits abroad will be organised with overnight travel on the return journey often to save funds but if parents understood why it is so important to pay for another night in a hotel or B & B they would gladly pay it.  With most school trips abroad costing up to £1,000 with some that are even more expensive, what parent would refuse a little more to keep their child safer?

The safety of our children on trips is always of concern to parents up and down the country. This guidance will, we are sure, help schools improve all round safety for both pupils and teachers.