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Honk for Hope in London today

Monday July 20, 2020

Honk for Hope coach operators gathered in London today and honked their horns to alert the public to the fact that they may go out of business if government does not help them financially. They were all forced by government to stop operating because of the lockdown which was the right thing to do but now the right thing for government to do is to support them just like they have supported the bus industry and other passenger transport modes such as airlines.

Parents in particular need to realise that if the coach industry fails and some already have been forced to close their doors for good, that at the beginning of the new school year, if coaches are not available for home to school work or school trips, then are those parents going to be able to deliver and collect their children to and from school each day? Some schools and local authorities may decide they must change over and use buses for long haul journies to transport children. If that happens will parents be happy for their child to travel on a bus on a school trip for example, without a safety belt, perhaps travelling up to 60mph on a motorway? 

Parents need to act now. Write to your MP. If you want help to do this contact BUSK on 01495 981185 or email  BUSK will be happy to forward a template letter for you to use.  

The link below is footage of some of the coaches in London today at the peaceful demonstration to draw attention to this crucial issue. Please share, please support and do your bit before we lose our coach industry. Thank you.