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Candice appeals to coach operators

Thursday March 11, 2021

Candice Mason from Masons Minibus and Coach Hire in Tring, is appealing to all coach operators to support her proposed drive in her attempt to pull together a national campaign to promote coach travel. In these difficult times, more than ever, with the coach industry trying to get back on its feet, this is maybe the one time, the industry can effectively work as one and get things moving again.

Overwhelmed by the response she has already received, Candice said, "I am working with other like-minded operators on this project. We have the full support of the RHA, UKCOA, CPT and BUSK, some of whom have offered financial backing. We already have suppliers onboard too. Now we need operators!"

Candice wants this to be the coach operators' campaign and is appealing to the industry UK-wide to help by working together and completing the survey. Operators can also share the link on social media and ask all operators they know to do likewise. 

The pandemic has devasted many operators this past twelve months but if it stands firmly together to support Candice, it could proivide a strong and powerful force to help get this industry back on track.

To find out more visit Masons Minibus and Coach Hire on Facebook.