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Anthony's Travel appeals to all coach operators...

Saturday November 14, 2020

The coach industry provides vital and essential services. All operators have the chance to take part in a survey that will be collated by Backhouse Jones to gather proof that just like the bus industry, coaches are not only for leisure activities. Please support this appeal below made by Richard Bamber, Managing Partner at Anthony's Travel.

As a business, we are here solely because of our passengers. We are more than just a coach company and for many, we are a lifeline to social inclusion, a passport to happiness.

We have a moral obligation for all the millions of passenger groups that rely upon us for quality of life to ensrue the coach industry is here for generatiosn to come, not just to save our businesses, but most of all, so we can keep serving the people that need us most.

I would encourage and appeal to all operators, large or small, to complete the passenger based survey below so we can go back to the Government with irrefutable evidence that without the coach industry, there would be a detrimental effect on the public and our passengers. Ultimately, without them there would nto be a coach industry.

Thank you.

Richard Bamber

Managing Partner, Anthony's Travel

To complete the survey please paste this link into Google:

Please note, if you have difficulties accessing the survey form via this link please contact BUSK directly and we will be happy to forward it via email or FB.