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Mike Nolan

Message from Mike Nolan… 


I have been involved with the good work that BUSK has done from 1993 to help raise awareness about the importance of wearing safety belts.  I was really pleased to help out when BUSK's founder and Director, Pat Harris, contacted me way back then to ask me to support her work. She wanted me to make public, the effects on me and my family when our group, Bucks Fizz was involved in a coach crash.  For me, well, I ended up in hospital for six weeks and out of the whole six weeks I only recall the last two when hospital staff were teaching me to walk and talk again.  For my family, the impact was massive.  They did not know if I was going to live or die and I came so close to dying.  It was worse for them than it was for me in some respects because they could do nothing but wait for an outcome - will he or won't he survive and if he comes through this will he be brain damaged.  I am still affected today by the crash today but at least I am alive. I have continued with my singing career and I am able to give you one piece of good advice -BELT UP! I always wear my safety belt no matter what and if there had been a safety belt in the coach we were touring in I definitely would have used it. 

I am very grateful to Pat Harris who has worked so hard to  bring about changes in the seat belt laws so that our children can be protected more fully when they travel in a minibus or on a coach.  Parents everywhere, you have Pat to thank for that.  But what I find incredible are the number of little children I see bobbying around inside cars...come on you parents, think about it.  Would you throw your precious child through a plate glass window?  No?  Why then would you risk exactly that by not securing them safely?

Parents everywhere please make sure your children get into the habit of belting up and if they are very young that no matter who transports them that you make sure it is in baby or child seat or a booster cushion.  It is just so important.   I cannot stress enough how necessary it is to belt up even on those short familiar journeys.  I should know!

Mike Nolan x


Hi, its Cheryl Baker here - of the the original line-up in the Euovision-winning band, Bucks Fizz.  Mike Nolan is my partner in crime and I think the world of him.  When we were touring back in 1984 we were involved in an accident where our coach crashed into an oncoming lorry. 

Mike and I were thrown through the windscreen. Mike sustained brain damage caused through a blood clot on the brain and I broke three vertebrae in my back. Of course, going through a windscreen, we looked a proper mess too, with blood and glass in our hair and under our skin - in fact, I was still removing bits of glass that had embedded in my left leg for months afterwards. As for Mike, well, suffice to say that it was many years before I really saw the old Mike again.  New Mike had short-term memory loss, would fall asleep at the drop of a hat, was short-tempered, quiet, unhappy and suffered from tunnel vision and epilepsy - and the list could go on.  Thankfully, New Mike is now a distant memory and Old Mike is back, which is wonderful.
If only there had been seat belts on our coach!  Our coach crash would have still happened, but Mike and I would have been belted in and would probably have only sustained minor injuries, if any at all.
Along with Mike, I absolutely support BUSK and the good work they do.  I believe that even public transport should have seat belts and perhaps, one day, that will be the case.
With very best wishes to one and all,

Cheryl Baker