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Help us make your child safer

Wednesday March 15, 2017

We are appealing to absolutely everyone - that means you!  Even if you do not have a child of your own, we are certain you will know of a child that travel on school trips or have children within your family circle. Will the general public please, please help us to reach our target of £5,000 before the 7 April so we can get a legal opinion?

Currently, far too many coach drivers are forced to share rooms on school trips abroad and also in the UK which results in disturbed sleep. With up to 30% of coach crashed linked to driver fatigue, this is an unacceptable safety breach but one that most parents are unaware of.  If we can get our legal opinion then this will make a big difference.  Please visit https://www.crowdjustice.org/case/safer-coach-journeys/ and pledge what you can. Every £1 counts. You can also help by sharing this link on your social networking sites.  Thank you.

For more information please contact BUSK or visit this link http://www.busk-uk.co.uk/nightcap