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Claire's Charter

Friday December 07, 2018

The 25th anniversary has just passed of the tragic minibus crash on the M40 that resulted in the deaths of a teacher and twelve gifted pupils from Hagley RC High School. For one family that lost their much loved daughter, they believe that in many instances, children are no safer when driven by school teachers today, than their daughter was all those years ago. They have asked BUSK to mount a campaign to raise awareness about the safety breaches they want to see closed and to empower teachers to act, to give teachers a voice if they feel uncomfortablel about driving the school minibus but feel they cannot refuse.  Liz and Steve Fitzgerald have worked on a charter they would like to see observed and have called this simply, 'Claire's Charter'.  In 2019 BUSK will begin to mount a campaign to ensure that all schools UK-wide understand the law surrounding minibus operation and the safety aspects that so often are unwittingly not adhered to. BUSK and the Fitzgerald Family are certain that no school would knowingly break the law.  This campaign will be one that will assist in that respect.

Claire's Charter aims to ensure the safety of children and their accompanying adults within the UK, when they are being transported by schools and/or organisations in vehicles other than a commercial passenger transport company.Claire’s family understand that schools need to transport children for the purposes of their wider education, HOWEVER, a school or organisation must take their safety duties seriously and demonstrate this by: